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Council Events:

Mercy for the Starving – 10/28/17

Please visit our website:
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— Registration is not currently open for this event.
— Registration opens 9/8/2017 8:00:00 AM (Central Daylight Time).
Mercy for the Starving

Flock Notes:

The St Charles Knights of Columbus has created a new communications platform. St John Neumann Parish has allowed us to use their Flock Notes Network. This is an extremely exciting advance in our communications as it will allow us to take advantage of new communications devices such as texting, social networking, as well as home phone and email.

Flock notes is very intuitive you can see all messages sent under Messages for those that had been done prior to your joining. As new messages are made regarding Council meetings, new projects, etc. you will receive an email or a text message or the way you choose to be notified.

How to Sign up for Flock Notes
Flock Notes Instructions