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Here are our current Prayer Requests:

No. Date Request for: Reason

  1. 7/16/2018 —– Bob Morrow ———- Please pray for God’s comfort and healing for Brother Knight Bob Morrow as he undergoes treatments for a serious health condition.

  3. 6/19/2018 —– Todd S. Hewell ———- Please pray for the soul of Brother Knight Todd S. Hewell who has passed away on June 15th. Todd is a Honorary Life third degree knight in our Council. He has been a third degree since 1954. Mass services for Todd will be held on Saturday June 30th at 10:30 A.M. at St. Patrick Church – Crane Road. Please keep Todd and his family in your prayers.

  5. 6/02/2018 —– George Kleinschmidt ———- Please pray for George Kleinschmidt. The tumor/cancer is back in his throat again for the 5th time. It is restricting his throat to the point where he cannot talk and cannot eat. He has a device inserted into his stomach where he is fed some type of liquid nourishment.

  7. 5/24/2018 —– Leroy A. “Bud” Howatt ———- Please pray for Leroy A. “Bud” Howatt, who will be going in for surgery to replace his right hip on June 4th. Bud is currently in a lot of pain, so please pray that the pain is reduced and that he makes it through surgery safely.

  9. 5/20/2018 —– Elizabeth Brown ———- Please pray for Elizabeth Brown, fellow Knight Burt Brown’s 94 year old mother. She had a mini stroke this afternoon at Burt’s home. She is currently at Central Du Page Hospital and is doing real well. Please include her in your prayers for a full recovery.

  11. 5/16/2018 —– Edwin A. DiGirolamo ———- Please pray for the soul of Edwin A. DiGirolamo, a 4th Degree from our Council. Edwin passed away on Wednesday May 16th. Visitation is Sunday May 20th ( Countryside Funeral Home; 95 South Gilbert St.; South Elgin, IL from 2:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.). Funereal service will be at St. Pat’s Crane Road church on Monday May 21 at 10:00 A.M.

  13. 5/11/2018 —– Rosemary Saad ———- Please pray for the soul of Rosemary Saad, Grandmother of one our brother knights, Joseph Saad. Wake service for Rosemary Saad, will be Monday, May 14, from 3:00-8:00 p.m., at Toon Funeral Home, 109 N. Cass Avenue, Westmont. Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday, May 15, at 9:30 a.m. at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 111 S. Cass Avenue, Westmont.

  15. 4/09/2018 —– Kathy Proctor ———- Please pray for Kathy Proctor, Kristy Proctor has been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. Quite a surprise since there were no obvious symptoms. I’m asking that you please keep her in your prayers as she has a long road ahead She’s only 45 and has 3 kids.

  17. 4/02/2018 —– Bill Goetz ———- Please pray for Bill Goetz, his prostate cancer has spread. Began the 7 weeks of radiation treatments during Holy Week. Prayer request is for the containment and removal of the cancer.

  19. 3/04/2018 —– Lee Nally ———- Please pray for the soul of Lee Nally, Uncle of Paul Braddock from Uniontown, KY. He carried on the family business of farming and started his own oil business. He was known by all as being a faithful, generous, and caring person for anyone. His word was honored throughout Union County. His vehicle was swept off the road in flood waters and he drowned. Please keep Lee and his family in your prayers.

  21. 12/31/2017 —– Maja Christensen ———- Please pray for the soul of Maja Christensen, Lance Christensen’s wife who passed away on Saturday. Please keep Lance’s family in your prayers.

  23. 11/12/2017 —– Tina Karl ———- Please pray for Fred Karl’s wife Tina who is having heart surgery on Friday 11/17 to repair a leaking mitral valve.

  25. 10/22/2017 —– Patricia M. Manno ———- Please pray for the soul of Patricia M. Manno (Father Kyle Manno’s mother) who passed away last Thursday. Please keep his family in your prayers.

  27. 10/20/2017 —– Elyece Hurley ———- Please pray for Jim Webb’s sister Elyece Hurley who is going into surgery today at Noon! Found out Tuesday she has Colon Cancer that has metastasized into liver and appendix.

  29. 10/20/2017 —– Ed Mundt ———- Please pray for Ed Mundt who goes in for surgery on Friday for a broken leg and for a full and speedy recovery.

  31. 10/10/2017 —– Rosaleen Milton ———- Please pray for Charles Milton’s wife Rosaleen who is ill.

  33. 8/23/2017 —— Frank Positano ———- Please pray for Frank Positano’s health. His eyesight has deteriorated where he is no longer able to drive. There is still a small chance they could get better since there is no scar tissue yet.

  35. 6/27/2017 —— Doug Ollie ———- Please pray for Doug Ollie’s health and for employment.

  37. 6/25/2017 —— Susan Hill ———- Please pray for Steve Hill’s wife Susan who’s cancer has returned.

  39. 6/25/2017 —— Jim Hurley ———- Please pray for Jim Hurley an old friend of Bob Gilmartin who is fighting cancer.

  41. 6/25/2017 —— Terry Hodges ———- Please pray for Terry Hodges an old friend of Bob Gilmartin who is fighting cancer.

  43. 5/18/2017 —— Ashley Braun ———- Please pray for Ashley a teenager with special needs who is in the hospital after suffering a massive seizure.

  45. 5/18/2017 —— David Braun ———- Please pray for David who is undergoing emergency open heart surgery in Canada after suffering a heart attack while on a business trip. Please pray for Mary (the wife and mother) and Amber, Ashley’s sister as well.

  47. 4/17/2017 —— Tina Holley ———- Please pray for Tina Holley, a co-worker of Ed Mundt going in for cancer surgery on 4/18/17.

  49. 3/29/2017 —— Brother Knight ———- Please pray for the success of a kidney surgery that one of our brothers is having in late April.

  51. 3/11/2017 —— Elizabeth Brown ———- Please pray for Brother Knight Burt Brown’s mother – Elizabeth Brown. She fell at Aldi and broke her hip and is having surgery tomorrow (Sunday (3/12/17)) at DelNor. She is 93 so it is serious because of her age.

  53. 3/09/2017 —— Bill Roach ———- Please pray for the success of Brother Knight Bill Roach’s neck surgery.

  55. 3/07/2017 —— Brother Knight ———- Please pray for one of our Brother Knights who has been diagnosed during the last two weeks with Stage 4 cancer.

  57. 2/15/2017 —— Gerald T Karl ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of PGK Fred Karl’s father Gerald T Karl who has passed away. He was 87 years old, born in Dayton, Ohio, in retirement years lived in Peoria, AZ. He was a Navy veteran and worked for US News & World Report magazine for 30+ years. Please keep Fred and his family in our prayers.

  59. 2/07/2017 —— Fr. Joe Lutz ———- Please pray for Father Joe Lutz who is in the hospital.

  61. 2/07/2017 —— Ron Bowgren ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of Jeff Bowgren’s cousin Ron Bowgren who passed away on Tuesday, January 31.

  63. 2/04/2017 —— Charles Milton ———- Please pray for Charles Milton who is scheduled for surgery on February 13th.

  65. 12/19/2016 —— Sister Joelyn ———- Prayers are requested for Sister Joelyn who is in the hospital.

  67. 11/30/2016 —— Chris Zak ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mike Zak’s brother Chris Zak who passed away on Wednesday, November 30th.

  69. 10/31/2016 —— Edward Brown ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of Burt Brown’s brother Edward Brown who passed away on Monday, October 31st.

  71. 10/31/2016 —— George Collins ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of George Collins, a good friend of Burt Brown, who passed away on Monday, October 31st.

  73. 10/18/2016 —— David Mann ———- Please pray for David, who is in surgery today.

  75. 10/17/2016 —— Mario Cannistra ———- Please pray for Mario, who is home recovering from a heart attack.

  77. 10/10/2016 —— Lowell K. Barkey ———- Please pray for the repose of the soul of Lowell K.(Ken) Barkey. Lowell was a fourth degree knight from our Council. He passed away on Monday (10/10/16). His funeral service is schedule for Wednesday (10/12/16) at St. John Neumann Church in St. Charles, IL at 10:30 A.M.

    There will be no wake service.


  79. 09/18/2016 —— Jim Webb’s mother ———- For the repose of the soul of Jim Webb’s mother who passed away Sunday, September 18th.

  81. 09/13/2016 —— Bill Cody and Gerry Skau ———- Prayers are requested for my grammar school classmates who passed away this month.

  83. 09/12/2016 —— Jerry Renn ———- Prayers are requested for my brother Jerry Renn who passed away Monday morning 9/12/16.

  85. 09/02/2016 —— Rosemarie Vey ———- Prayers are requested for my mother in law Rosemarie Vey who passed away on Friday 9/2/16.

  87. 08/21/2016 —— All Knights and their families