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Here are our current Prayer Requests:

No. Date Request for: Reason

  1. 09/09/2021 —– Mary Ann Behr ———- The Mother of Doris Braddock (wife of Brother Knight Paul Braddock) fell outside this morning and it was discovered later in the day she has bleeding on the brain. She is headed to the hospital for immediate head surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain. Time is of the essence. Please pray for Mary Ann and the family.


  2. 02/23/2021 —– Chuck Jaeger ———- Please pray for the soul of Brother Knight Chuck Jaeger who passed away on Tuesday February 23, 2021. Please keep Chuck and his family in yours prayers.


  3. 02/06/2021 —– Venustiano (John) M. Castaneda ———- Please pray for Brother Knight John Castaneda’s father Venustiano (John) M. Castaneda (he preferred to be called John) who passed away from this life on February 3, 2021. He lived a long life (93) but died earlier than expected due to exposure to COVID-19. He was a participating parishioner of St. Mary’s Church in Sterling, including being in the Spanish choir and organizing events like Las Posadas during Christmas. He will be laid to rest on Tuesday, February 9 with a funeral Mass @ 11:00 a.m. that will be streamed live via a Facebook page of McDonald Funeral Home and Crematory.

    Please pray for John’s family and his father’s soul.

  4. 02/05/2021 —– Bob Kling ———- Please pray for Brother Knight Bob Kling the father of our Field Rep Matt Kling. Bob is hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

    Please remember Bob, Matt and their family in your prayers.

  5. 01/31/2021 —– Joanie Pellissier ———- Please pray for our Brother Knight Jim Pellissier’s wife Joanie who is going in for surgery on Tuesday 02/02/2021. Joanie will be undergoing a pretty extensive surgery on Tuesday to remove a growth behind her ear, near the brain stem. They are pretty sure it is benign, but are expecting a long surgery and recovery.

    Please pray for Joanie, Jim and family, and her medical team.

  6. 12/26/2020 —– Matt Roth ———- Please pray for the soul of my brother Matt Roth who passed away this afternoon from complications from Covid out in Denver, CO. Matt was only 53 but has lived with a immune disease his whole life. He was admitted to the hospital 2 weeks ago with Covid and developed pneumonia. Matt leaves behind a loving wife and 4 kids. He is now in a better place with Jesus. Please keep Matt and his immediate family in yours prayers.